Kunshan, Jiangsu, is right at the boarder to Shanghai and on halfway to Suzhou. Smart Factory Kunshan and Startup Factory are located in the Kunshan German Industrial Park in Zhangpu district. The city of Kunshan is at the heart of the Yangzi Delta economic hub, around 60 km west of Shanghai and about 35 km east of Suzhou. The city has more than 2,5 million inhabitants and covers an area of 931 sq km. Economically, Kunshan is one of the best developed tier 2 cities in China. More than 7,700 foreign companies from 56 countries have invested in Kunshan, including 130 German firms, so there is a local German community. Kunshan’s internationality is reflected in its infrastructure, including international schools and nurseries and an international exhibition center. That also makes it a popular location for highly skilled Chinese personnel.

Kunshan has excellent transport connections to Shanghai, its two international airports and the international ports in Shanghai and Taicang. There are also direct express trains to Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

Distances from Smart Factory Kunshan

to Suzhou 35 km
to Shanghai 50 km
to Hongqiao Airport 47 km
to Pudong Airport 90 km
to Taicang port 50 km
to Shanghai port 56 km