Our Partners

Smart Factory Kunshan is a based on the collaboration of:

German Industrial Park

Kunshan German Industrial Park (GIP) is an investment carrier founded by the cooperation between Kunshan Municipal Government and GIC-Shanghai (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in October 2005. It is specialized in attracting manufacturers from European and American regions and countries, and targeting the industry sectors of mechanical machinery, molds & dies, automotive supply, equipment of solar & wind energy, opto-electronics, computer, and laptop components. In 2012, GIP is recognized by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department as Jiangsu Kunshan Precision Machinery Park and the incubation center is recognized as Jiangsu Provincial level incubation center. Till now, GIP attracted more than 80 WFOE companies from more than 10 countries and regions.


IoT ONE is a research and advisory firm focused on industrial digitalization. Their mission is to enable their clients to increase their competitiveness by integrating the IoT into their operations, products, and business models. IoT ONE help companies understand how the IoT will impact their business and they work with them to realize opportunities and manage threats. Their business has three pillars: research, enable and grow. Their research capabilities guide decision making. Then, they enable their clients by upskilling internal teams and building external ecosystems. Finally, IoT ONE provide strategic advisory and innovation services to help their clients grow revenue with digitalized solutions and business models.

Startup Factory

Startup Factory is a business incubator for small and medium-sized European enterprises that are looking for assembly or production facilities in China to extend their business activities. At their 40,000 sqm factory location in Kunshan, near Shanghai, they currently run subsidiaries for 37 European companies. The experienced German-Chinese management team in Kunshan takes over general management, finance, human resource and technical support from day one of their Western customers’ Chinese subsidiary. Besides this unique management package, they offer flexible rental units and (technical) hardware to share to minimize risk and investment. Startup Factory’s concept means their customers can fully concentrate on production and growing their business, along their theme Sharing Success!