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Welcome to our IIoT Events!

Smart Factory Kunshan IIoT technology hub is THE venue for Industry 4.0 events in the greater Shanghai area. Find here the next events that will take place in Smart Factory Kunshan organized by partner companies and us. Enjoy the unique atmosphere – much more than a hotel ballroom!

Event formats…
… Conference & exhibition
… Tech Talk
… Company product presentation/technology day
… In-house exhibition
… Factory Tours
In case you are looking for a unique event venue have a look at our offerings.

Upcoming events

March 15th, 2022
4th VDMA Flagship Industrie 4.0 Conference

2021 Coming Soon!
Balluff Innovation Day


Smart Factory Kunshan will become the place to go getting a “live” picture of Industry 4.0 for professional audience. We are designing tech tours in our venues for IIoT use cases and demos. Stay tuned.

In meantime feel free to contact us.